White Wood beads japa mala
White Wood beads
White Wood mala
White Wood 108 Beads Mala
Tulsi White Wood 108 Beads Mala

Tulsi White Wood 108 Beads Mala

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● Wooden Mala, Spiritual
● Prayer Beads, Meditation
● Calming, Tranquil

Experience the elegance and simplicity of White Wood Beads Mala/Necklace.  Crafted with white wood beads, this mala exudes a calming and natural charm. The 108 beads design makes it ideal for  meditation  and chanting practices. Embrace the lightweight and comfortable feel of this mala as you deepen your spiritual connection and mindfulness. Whether worn as a necklace or used for meditation, this mala serves as a gentle reminder to stay centered and focused throughout your day.

Q: How long is the \ White Wood Beads Mala/Necklace?
Ans: The White Wood Beads Mala/Necklace is approximately 30 inches long, allowing for comfortable wear and ease of use during meditation.

Q: Can I use this mala for mantra chanting?
Ans: Absolutely! This mala's design with 108 beads makes it perfect for mantra chanting and meditative practices, helping you focus and enhance your spiritual experience.





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