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White Sage & Sandal

White Sage & Sandal

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● Natural ingredients from sustainable sources
● White Sage & Sandal Fragrance
● Size : 100 ml

Immerse yourself in the sacred art of cleansing and purification with our White Sage & Sandal Smudge Spray. This unique blend unites the potent energy of white sage with the serene fragrance of sandalwood. As you spray, negativity is cleared, and the ambiance is transformed into a space of sacredness. Whether for energy clearing, rituals, or simply to create a sacred environment, this smudge spray invites you to embrace purity and spiritual connection.



Q: Can I use the White Sage & Sandal Smudge Spray during meditation?
Ans: Yes, it enhances the meditative atmosphere with its purifying properties.

Q: Can I spray the White Sage & Sandal Smudge Spray on fabric?
Ans: While it's safe for most surfaces, do a patch test on fabrics





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