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White Sage & Patchouli

White Sage & Patchouli

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● Earthy blend of white sage and patchouli
● Energy balancing and grounding
● Size : 100 ml

This unique blend of white sage and patchouli offers an earthy and grounding experience, clearing away negativity and restoring equilibrium. As you mist, the aroma of patchouli envelops your surroundings, creating an environment of tranquility and centeredness. Whether used for energy balancing, meditation, or simply to infuse a room with a soothing fragrance, this Smudge Spray  brings you back to a state of natural equilibrium.


Q: Can the White Sage & Patchouli Smudge Spray be used outdoors?
Ans: Yes, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor energetic cleansing.

Q: Is the White Sage & Patchouli Smudge Spray safe for use during pregnancy?
Ans: As a precaution, consult with a healthcare professional before use





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