jasmine smudge spray
white sage & jasmine smokeless smudge spray
jasmine smokeless smudge spray
White Sage & Jasmine

White Sage & Jasmine

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● Stress reduction and relaxation
● White Sage & Jasmine Fragrance
● Size : 100 ml

 Immerse yourself in a sense of tranquility with our White Sage & Jasmine Smudge Spray.  This carefully crafted mist harmoniously marries the soothing properties of white sage and the serene essence of jasmine. The mist’s aromatic blend cleanses your space, ridding it of negativity, while enveloping you in the calming fragrance of jasmine. Perfect for meditation, energy clearing, and invoking peaceful vibes, this smudge spray allows you to create an environment of serenity and positivity.


Q: Can I use the White Sage & Jasmine Smudge Spray on my body?
Ans: It's designed for ambient use; avoid direct skin contact.

Q: How often should I use the White Sage & Jasmine Smudge Spray?
Ans: Use as needed to cleanse your surroundings or set a serene atmosphere.





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