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Hexa Incense Sticks - White Sage

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● 100% Natural
● Cleansing fragrance, Spiritual smudging
● Aromatic ritual, Uplifting vibes
● Positive energy, Holistic ambiance


 Embrace the natural essence of White Sage with Spiritual Senses White Sage Hexa Incense Sticks/Agarbatti. Revered for its powerful cleansing properties, incense sage sticks are often used in smudging ceremonies to purify spaces and energy. With its earthy and herbaceous aroma, these incense sticks bring a sense of grounding and clarity to your spiritual practices. Transform how you meditate or create a sacred space for rituals with White Sage Hexa Incense Sticks

White Sage (Masala) Incense Sticks lets you journey into this realm of soul-satisfaction with its rich aroma. The fragrance of White Sage (Masala) is distinctive with its sweet, woody and earthy tone from various resin blends, giving it its distinctive aroma. The amalgam fine blend of natural aroma oils with resins, crystals and along with the goodness of White Sage (Masala) is enough to open the doors to heaven. Get yours now!

    Q: How do I use White Sage Hexa incense sticks for spiritual cleansing?
    Ans: Light a White Sage Hexa incense stick and place it in the holder. Swirl it gently around your space, allowing the fragrant smoke to clean and purify the area.

    Q: Are these incense sticks made from natural white sage?
    Ans: Yes, our White Sage Hexa Incense Sticks are crafted using natural white sage leaves to capture its authentic purifying properties.





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