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White Sage & Copal

White Sage & Copal

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● Smokeless smudge spray
● White Sage & Copal Fragrance
● Size : 100 ml


Experience the transformative power of our White Sage & Copal  Smudge Spray  a harmonious fusion of two sacred herbs. Crafted with care, this aromatic mist combines the purifying essence of white sage with the spiritually uplifting properties of copal resin. As you spray, negative energies dissipate, making way for positive vibrations and a refreshed atmosphere. Ideal for energy cleansing, meditation, or simply creating a sacred ambiance, this smudge spray becomes an essential tool in your spiritual toolkit.


Q: How do I use the White Sage & Copal Smudge Spray?
Ans: Simply spray the mist around your space for energy cleansing and purification.

Q: Is the White Sage & Copal Smudge Spray safe for pets?
Ans: While the ingredients are natural, it's advisable to keep pets away during use.





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