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white sage incense cones
White Sage Incense Cones

White Sage Incense Cones

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● 100% Natural Incense cones
● Made from dried white sage leaves
● 12 packs, Each pack 10 cones

Vedic White Sage Incense Cones are a testament to the ancient Vedic tradition that reveres the white sage plant for its spiritual and cleansing properties. These cones are carefully handcrafted using natural ingredients, including pure white sage leaves and aromatic resins. The result is a fragrant masterpiece that brings the essence of nature into your space.

Q: What is the significance of "Vedic" in the product name?
Ans: The term "Vedic" refers to ancient Vedic traditions that have their roots in India. These traditions often incorporate rituals, practices, and philosophies that connect individuals with the spiritual essence of life and nature.

Q: How does the aroma of white sage benefit spiritual practices?
Ans: White sage is considered a sacred herb in various spiritual traditions. Its aroma is believed to cleanse and purify the environment, making it conducive to meditation, prayer, and rituals.





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