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Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork

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● Precision Tuning Fork
● High-Quality Alloy
● Frequency Standard Tuning
● Set of 7 Tuning Fork

Experience profound physical and mental harmony with our Tuning Forks. Balance & heal your energy system with the precision-crafted Seven Chakra tuning forks, perfect for sound healing, meditation, and sound therapy.

With the cosmic vibration of Aum, let your energy centers heal and rejuvenate with the fundamental sound of existence.

Explore your mindfulness with spiritually empowering frequencies that improve overall well-being. Unlock the power of vibration healing and achieve a deeper sense of balance and peace.

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Q: What is a tuning fork, and how does it work?
Ans: A tuning fork is a metal instrument with two prongs that vibrate at a specific frequency when struck. It produces a pure and consistent tone, making it ideal for tuning musical instruments or for therapeutic purposes.

Q: What is the standard frequency for tuning forks?
Ans: The most common standard tuning fork frequency is A440, which means it vibrates at 440 Hertz (Hz). However, tuning forks with different frequencies are available to suit various needs.

Q: How do I use a tuning fork for musical instrument tuning?
Ans: To tune an instrument, strike the tuning fork against a soft surface, such as your knee, to set it in motion. Then, hold the vibrating fork close to the instrument's corresponding string or note. Adjust the string's tension until it vibrates in harmony with the tuning fork.





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