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Sandal Oudh Incense Bricks

Sandal Oudh Incense Bricks

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● 100% Natural Incense Bricks
● Made with Sandalwood powder and Oudh oil
● Contains: 15 Incense Bricks + 1 Burner

 Cleanse and purify your space with the sacred aroma of Sandalwood Smudge Incense Bricks. Infused with the essence of oudh, these incense bricks are perfect for smudging rituals and energy cleansing. The cleansing properties of Sandal wood help clear negative energy, promote positivity, and create a serene environment. Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging and bring balance and harmony to your surroundings with these exquisite incense bricks.



    Q: How can I use the white sage smudge incense bricks for energy cleansing?
    Ans: Light one end of the White Sage Smudge Incense Brick and let it smolder. Walk around your space, allowing the fragrant smoke to reach all corners and areas that need purification. Visualize negative energies dissipating and being replaced with positive vibrations.

    Q: Can I use these incense bricks to cleanse crystals and gemstones?
    Ans: Absolutely! White sage is renowned for its cleansing properties, and you can use White Sage Smudge Incense Bricks to cleanse and purify your crystals and gemstones. Simply hold the stones in the smoke for a few seconds, visualizing any negative energies being released. This process will recharge your crystals' energies and enhance their natural properties.





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