Sambrani cups (Loban, Bakhour)
Sambrani cups (Loban, Bakhour)
Sambrani cups (Loban, Bakhour)
Sambrani cups (Loban, Bakhour)

Sambrani cups (Loban, Bakhour)

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● Pack of 2 Consists of Total 24 Sambrani Resin Cups
● Premium components such as granules and coal for a pleasing scent
● Fragrances - Loban and Bakhour
Sambrani cups are a sort of incense that is widely used in many civilizations, especially in India and the Middle East. They are also referred to as Loban and Bakhour cups. These cups are created by blending a variety of aromatic natural substances, including fragrant wood, herbs, spices, and resin, and then shaping the concoction into tiny cups. Usually utilized for their lovely smell, they are also employed for spiritual and religious purposes.

Traditional Indian incense called "loban" is created by combining a variety of aromatic substances, such as spices, herbs, and resin.
Bakhour: Bakhour is a different kind of incense that is produced from the resin of the Indian plant called wightii tree. To make fragrant incense cups, the resin is collected and combined with other natural substances.

Q. Are these sambrani cups available in any other fragrances?
Yes, you can choose from a variety of perfumes, such as Dashang, Guggal, and Bakhour, White Sage, Loban to get the one that best suits your preferences.





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