Sambrani cups (Dashang, Guggal)
Sambrani cups (Dashang, Guggal)
Sambrani cups (Dashang, Guggal)
Sambrani cups (Dashang, Guggal)

Sambrani cups (Dashang, Guggal)

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● Pack of 2 Consists of Total 24 Sambrani Resin Cups
● High-quality Ingredients like Coal and Granules for a Pleasant aroma
● Fragrances – Dashang and Guggal

Sambrani cups, also known as Dashang and Guggal cups, are a type of incense commonly used in various cultures, particularly in India and the Middle East. These cups are made from a mixture of aromatic natural ingredients, such as resin, herbs, spices, and fragrant wood, which are blended together and then shaped into small cup-like forms. They are typically used for spiritual and religious purposes, as well as for their pleasant fragrance.

Dashang: Dashang is a traditional Indian incense made by blending various aromatic ingredients, including resin, herbs, and spices.
Guggal: Guggal, or Guggul, is another type of incense made from the resin of the Commiphora wightii tree, native to India. The resin is collected and then mixed with other natural ingredients to create fragrant incense cups.

Our these types of incense cups are lit and allowed to smolder, producing fragrant smoke that is believed to have purifying, cleansing, and spiritually uplifting properties. 

Q. Are there different fragrances available in these sambrani cups?
Ans: Yes, there are various fragrances to choose from, including Dashang, Guggal, Bakhour, allowing you to select the one that suits your preference.





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