rose oudh smudge incense bricks
rose smudge incense
Rose Oudh Incense Bricks

Rose Oudh Incense Bricks

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● 100% Natural Incense Bricks
● Made with Rose oil and Agarwood powder
● Contains: 15 Incense Bricks +1 Burner

 Enter the world of charisma and spiritual magnificence of Rose Oudh Smudge Incense Bricks. Infused with the essence of roses and oudh, these incense bricks emanate a delicate and romantic fragrance that enchants the senses. Ideal for smudging rituals, and spiritual ceremonies, or infusing your space with a touch of floral elegance. Experience the harmonious blend of roses and oudh, and let their soothing aroma transport you to a place of tranquility and serenity.



Q: Can I use the rose oudh smudge incense bricks to set an intimate ambiance?
Ans: Yes, Rose Oudh Smudge Incense Bricks are perfect for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Light the incense before a special occasion or dinner to infuse the air with the delightful fragrance of roses, enhancing the mood and ambiance.

Q: Are the incense bricks eco-friendly and sustainably sourced?
Ans: Spiritual Senses is committed to environmental responsibility. Our Rose Oudh Smudge Incense Bricks are crafted from natural and sustainable ingredients, including ethically sourced rose essence and oudh. We take pride in providing eco-friendly products that respect nature and traditional practices.





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