incense white sage resin
White sage resin jar
White sage resin
White Sage Incense Resin

White Sage Incense Resin

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● Pure White Sage Resin
● Use with charcoal discs or incense burners.
● Size : 50gm


 Experience the pure essence of White Sage Incense Resin Jar. Sustainably sourced and expertly crafted, this resin jar contains premium White Sage resin, known for its powerful cleansing and purifying properties. Simply place a small amount of the resin on a charcoal disc or incense burner to release the sacred aroma, creating a calming and spiritually uplifting environment. Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging and allow the soothing scent of White Sage to cleanse your space, bringing peace and clarity to your mind and soul.


Q: How do I use White Sage incense resin to cleanse my space?
Ans: To use the White Sage incense resin, place a small amount on a burning charcoal disc or incense burner. The sacred smoke released will cleanse and purify your space, promoting positive energy and removing negative vibes.

Q: Is White Sage incense resin sustainably sourced?
Ans: Yes, Spiritual Senses takes pride in sourcing White Sage incense resin sustainably, ensuring its ethical and responsible production, which aligns with our commitment to nature and traditional practices.





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