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palo santo incense sticks

Hexa Incense Sticks - Palo Santo

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● Made with 100 % Natural Pure Palo Santo Wood
● Each Stick Burns for Approximately 25-30 Minutes
● 6 packs, Each pack 20 incense sticks


Unleash the mystical powers of Palo Santo with Spiritual Senses Palo Santo Hexa Incense Sticks. Derived from the sacred Palo Santo tree, these incense sticks emanate a sweet and woody aroma, known for its calming and purifying effects. Palo Santo is revered for its spiritual significance and is often used in rituals, meditation, and energy-cleansing practices. Experience the serenity of Palo Santo's fragrance and immerse yourself in its transformative energy with Spiritual Senses Palo Santo Hexa Incense Agarbatti.

    Q: Do these incense sticks come with a holder or tray?
    Ans: These incense sticks are sold separately, but you can easily place them in any incense holder or heat-resistant container during use. Also You can by for here!

    Q: Are these incense sticks made from natural Palo Santo wood?
    Ans: Yes, our Palo Santo Hexa Incense Sticks are crafted using natural Palo Santo wood, capturing its authentic cleansing and uplifting properties.





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