palo santo oil
palo santo oil
Palo Santo Aroma Oil
Palo Santo Aroma Oil

Palo Santo Aroma Oil

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● 100% Natural Aroma Oil
● Size : 10ml
● Purify your space and enhance meditation practices

Immerse yourself in the sacred aura of Palo Santo Aroma Oil.  This aromatic treasure holds the essence of the sacred Palo Santo wood, renowned for its cleansing properties. Use it in diffusers to purify your space and enhance meditation practices. Embrace the aromatic therapy of Palo Santo and connect with the divine energy surrounding you.

Q: Is this Palo Santo aroma oil sustainably sourced?
Ans: Yes, our Palo Santo aroma oil is responsibly sourced, and we prioritize ethical practices to protect the environment.

Q: Can I use this oil to clear negative energy from my space?
Ans: Yes, Palo Santo is traditionally used for energetic cleansing, making it ideal for clearing negative energy and promoting positive vibes.





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