lapis lazuli stone angel
lapis lazuli angel
lapis lazuli angel
Lapis Lazuli Angel

Lapis Lazuli Angel

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● Made from Genuine Lapis Lazuli
● Hand-Carved with Intricate Details
● Deep Blue Symbolizing Truth and Insight

Our Lapis Lazuli Angel stone engages with your fifth chakra, enhancing creativity and communication. It is a powerful Angel to bring clarity and depth to your thoughts and expressions.

Health-wise, Lapis Lazuli is a champion. This Angel helps strengthen your immune system, lowers blood pressure, purifies the blood, and soothes inflammation. It is especially effective in reducing pain, including stubborn migraines.

At Spiritual Senses Collection, we offer an exquisite range of fashion jewelry crafted from natural stones like Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Yellow Quartz, and, others. These pieces make exceptional gifts for various occasions, including Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Friendship Day, Diwali, or just to show your love and appreciation to family and friends. Elevate your space and relationships with our Lapis Lazuli Angel and other unique creations.

    Q: Where can I place the Lapis Lazuli Stone Angel for the best effect?
    Ans: You can place the angel in your sacred space, home, or office to harness its tranquil energy and inspire inner peace and clarity.

    Q: What is lapis lazuli, and why is it significant in the Lapis Lazuli Stone Angel?
    Ans: Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone known for its association with truth and wisdom. It's used in the Lapis Lazuli Stone Angel to symbolize serenity and insight.





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