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Kadamb Wood 108 Mala

Kadamb Wood 108 Mala

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● Authenticity, Earthy Elegance, Prayerful Meditation
● Handcrafted Wood, Spiritual Connection
Embrace the enchanting essence of Kadamb Wood Mala/Kadam Beads Necklace. Handcrafted with authentic Kadamb beads, this mala exudes a natural and earthy charm. The unique design of Kadamb beads adds a touch of spirituality to your everyday attire. With its 108 beads, this mala serves as a powerful tool for meditation and prayer, elevating your spiritual practices and connecting you with higher consciousness. Wear this mala as a necklace to experience the harmonious blend of beauty and spirituality.

Q: Are the Kadamb wood beads durable and long-lasting?
Ans: Yes,Kadamb Wood Mala/Kadam Beads Necklace is carefully crafted with durable Kadamb wood beads, ensuring longevity and a beautiful accessory that stands the test of time.

Q: Can I use this mala for both formal occasions and spiritual practices?
Ans: Absolutely! The versatile design of Kadamb Wood Mala/Kadam Beads Necklace allows you to wear it as an elegant necklace for formal occasions and use it for meditation and spiritual practices, providing a seamless blend of style and spirituality.





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