vedic dragon's blood incense sticks
dragons blood agarbatti
Incense Sticks - Dragon Blood
dragons blood  incense sticks

Incense Sticks - Dragon Blood

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● Crafted with Natural Ingredients.
● Calming and Grounding
● Exotic blend with Earthy, Slightly Sweet, and Spicy Notes.

Dagon Blood Incense Sticks are a type of incense sticks known for their unique and exotic fragrance. These incense sticks are crafted using a blend of natural ingredients, including resins, aromatic herbs, and essential oils. The scent of Dagon Blood Incense is often described as rich, earthy, and slightly sweet, with undertones of spice and wood. It is believed to have a calming and grounding effect, making it suitable for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices. The name "Dagon Blood" may refer to its deep, red color or to the resin from which it is derived. This incense is commonly used in various cultural and spiritual traditions for its aromatic and therapeutic properties.



    Q: What is Dragon blood incense good for?
    Ans: Dragon blood incense is often used for protection, purification, and energy clearing. It is believed to ward off negative energy, enhance spirituality, and promote strength and courage.

    Q: What are Dragon's blood incense sticks?
    Ans: Dragon's blood incense sticks are crafted from a blend of natural ingredients, including resins and aromatic herbs. They are known for their unique and exotic fragrance and are commonly used in various spiritual and cultural practices.

    Q: What does dragon blood protect you from?
    Ans: Dragon blood incense is believed to offer protection from negative energy, psychic attacks, and harmful influences. It is also thought to enhance one's own energy and strength, providing a shield against negativity.





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