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Green Aventurine Ganesh

Green Aventurine Ganesh

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● Natural Green Quartz Lord Ganesh Idol
● Ideal for Your Sacred Space or as a Decorative Piece
● Depiction of Lord Ganesh, Deity of Wisdom

Green Aventurine Lord Ganesh Murti/Idol, a symbol of divinity and grace. Natural Green Quartz, this idol radiates a soothing green hue, signifying healing and abundance.

Lord Ganesh, the beloved deity of wisdom and remover of obstacles, is intricately carved in this masterpiece. His divine presence is believed to usher blessings of prosperity and intellect into your life.

Green Aventurine is renowned for its properties of heart-healing and emotional balance. Placing this idol in your sacred space can enhance your spiritual journey and promote harmony and well-being.

Q: What is green quartz good for?
Ans: Green Quartz is believed to be good for promoting emotional balance, healing, and abundance. It is often associated with the heart chakra and is thought to enhance well-being.

Q: What is green quartz called?
Ans: Green Quartz is also commonly known as Prasiolite or Green Amethyst due to its green coloration.

Q: Is green quartz valuable?
Ans: While not as valuable as some precious gemstones, Green Quartz or Prasiolite can have value, especially if it exhibits exceptional clarity and color. Its value can vary depending on factors such as size, quality, and market demand.





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