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Crystal Quartz Buddha Head
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Crystal Quartz Buddha Head

Crystal Quartz Buddha Head

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● Pure Himalayan Quartz Crystal Stone
● Clear or Smoky Quartz Buddha Head Sculpture
● Represents Inner Peace and Wisdom

A Crystal Himalayan Quartz Buddha Head is a sculpture  of the head of the Buddha, made from Himalayan Quartz crystal. This Buddha head statue serves as both a work of art and a spiritual symbol.

Himalayan Quartz is a type of clear or smoky quartz crystal that is sourced from the Himalayan region. It is valued for its clarity and purity, often associated with enhancing clarity of thought, balance, and tranquility.

The Buddha, in this context, represents enlightenment, inner peace, and wisdom. Therefore, a Crystal Himalayan Quartz Buddha Head serves as a meaningful and serene decoration, often used in meditation spaces, spiritual practices, or as a decorative piece to bring a sense of calm and spiritual energy into a space.

    Q: Is it considered auspicious to have a Buddha head in the home according to Vastu Shastra?
    Ans: Yes, in Vastu Shastra, placing a Buddha in the home is believed to bring positive energy and tranquility to the space.

    Q: Where should I place the Buddha head for optimal Vastu benefits?
    Ans: It is recommended to place the Buddha statue in the east or northeast direction of your home. This location is associated with enlightenment and spiritual growth.





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