Clear Crystal Quartz  angel
crystal stone angel
crystal quartz stone angel
Clear Crystal Quartz Angel

Clear Crystal Quartz Angel

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● Clear Crystal Stone Angel Figurine
● Handcrafted with Attention to Detail
● Symbolizes Purity and Grace

Our Clear Crystal Stone Angel, a unique and beautiful figurine crafted from clear crystal. This angel  is a symbol of purity and grace. The clear crystal reflects light beautifully, creating a sense of purity and clarity in any space.

Clear crystal is believed to have healing and calming properties, and having this angel in your home can bring a sense of peace. It's a thoughtful gift for someone special or a meaningful addition to your own décor.

This figurine is handcrafted with care, so each one is slightly unique. Place it on a shelf, table, or anywhere you want to bring a touch  of elegance and serenity. Whether you believe in the spiritual qualities of crystals or simply appreciate their beauty, our Clear Crystal Stone Angel is a lovely addition to any home.


Q: Does the figurine come with a stand or base?
Ans: The angel does not include a stand or base but can be placed on any flat surface to display its elegance.

Q: Is the angel suitable for meditation or spiritual practices?
Ans: Yes, the presence of the Clear Crystal Stone Angel can create a serene atmosphere, making it suitable for meditation and spiritual reflection.





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