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● Small, Round, and Flat Charcoal Coco Disks
● Designed for Burning Resin Incense
● 10 Pack = 100 Charcoal Disk

Incense charcoal coco disks are small, round, and flat discs made from charcoal. These disks are specially designed for burning resin incense. When lit, they provide a consistent and even source of heat, which allows the resin incense to melt and release its aromatic smoke. The charcoal disks typically come in rolls or sleeves and are easy to use. They are a convenient and efficient way to enjoy the fragrance of resin incense and are commonly used in various spiritual and cultural practices.



    Q: Do you need charcoal to burn resin incense?
    Ans: Yes, charcoal is essential for burning resin incense. It provides the necessary heat to melt the resin and release its fragrance.

    Q: How do you use resin incense with charcoal?
    Ans: Place a charcoal disk in a heat-resistant burner, ignite it, and wait until it turns gray. Then, sprinkle resin incense on the hot charcoal, and it will release fragrant smoke as it melts.

    Q: What is resin incense?
    Ans: Resin incense is a type of incense made from natural tree resins, gums, or saps. It's often used in spiritual and cultural practices for its aromatic and ceremonial properties.





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