Star Diya (Pack of 2)
Star Diya (Pack of 2)
Star Diya (Pack of 2)

Star Diya (Pack of 2)

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● 100% Pure Brass Material
● Ideal for Daily Worship, Special Occasions, and Festivals
● Design Star-Shaped Pattern

Brass star diya is a decorative object typically used in Indian culture for religious and ceremonial purposes. It is a traditional oil lamp made of brass, a metal known for its durability and attractive appearance. The diya is crafted in the shape of a star, and it usually has multiple arms or points extending outward, resembling a starburst pattern.

These brass star diyas are commonly used during festivals, religious rituals, and special occasions to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness. They are filled with oil, and a cotton wick is placed in each arm of the star. When lit, the diyas create a warm and radiant light, creating an ambiance of positivity and spirituality.

Brass star diyas are not only functional but also serve as beautiful home decor pieces. They come in various sizes and designs, and they can be adorned with intricate engravings or embellishments. Many people place them in temples, altars, or around their homes to add an element of tradition and elegance to their surroundings.





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