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Brass incense holder
brass agarbatti stand
Pipe Agardan

Pipe Agardan

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● Material High-Quality Brass
● Holds Incense Sticks (agarbatti) Securely
● Traditional Pipe-like Shape with Intricate Detailing

A Brass Agardan Pipe is a traditional Indian incense  holder made of brass. It typically has a pipe-like shape with decorative details and is used to hold incense sticks (agarbatti). It often includes an ash catcher to collect the ashes as the incense burns. The word "agardan" or "agarbatti stand" is often used interchangeably to refer to this type of incense holder. It's a common accessory in Hindu and Buddhist rituals, as well as for creating a peaceful ambiance during meditation and prayer.

Q: What makes a Brass Agardan Pipe different from other types of incense holders, like wooden ones?
Ans: Brass Agardan Pipes are known for their durability, intricate designs, and cultural significance, setting them apart from other materials.





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