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Lobandan Regular

Lobandan Regular

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● Material High-Quality Brass
● Design Traditional and Ornate
● Designed for Burning Dhoop (Resin Incense) and Loban

The Brass Lobandan Regular Burner Dhooni is a traditional and ornate incense burner crafted from high-quality brass. It is specifically designed for burning dhoop (resin incense) or loban, creating a fragrant and spiritually uplifting atmosphere. The burner features an intricately designed lid with holes for the fragrant smoke to waft through, enhancing the ambiance of your space. Whether used for spiritual rituals, meditation, or simply to enjoy the soothing aroma, this brass dhoop burner adds a touch of elegance and cultural richness to your home or sacred area.

Q: How do I use the Brass Lobandan Regular Burner Dhooni?
Ans: To use, simply place a piece of dhoop or loban on the burner's base, light it, and cover it with the intricately designed lid. The aromatic smoke will gently escape through the ventilation holes, creating a fragrant ambiance.

Q: What type of incense is suitable for this burner?
Ans: This burner is designed for dhoop (resin incense) or loban, but it can also be used with other resin incenses or traditional Indian incense cones.





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