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Brass Laxmi Statue

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● High-quality brass material
● Size: L*B*H - 4cm *4cm *7cm
● Weight: 300gm

Our brass Laxmi murti refers to a religious or decorative statue or figurine made from brass that represents the Hindu goddess Laxmi. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and beauty in Hinduism. She is often depicted sitting or standing on a pot of gold in her hands, symbolizing her association with wealth and abundance.

Brass is a common material used to create such murtis or idols due to its durability and ability to hold intricate details in its design. These brass Laxmi murtis are often used for religious and spiritual purposes, such as in home shrines or temples, during festivals like Diwali, and in various rituals and ceremonies dedicated to seeking blessings for wealth and prosperity.

Q: What is a Brass Laxmi Murti?
Ans: A Brass Laxmi Murti is a statue or figurine of the Hindu goddess Laxmi, who is considered the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. These statues are typically crafted from brass and are used for worship and as decorative items.

Q: What is the significance of a Brass Laxmi Murti?
Ans: A Brass Laxmi Murti holds great significance in Hindu culture as it is believed to bring blessings of prosperity and abundance into one's life. Worshipping Laxmi is a common practice during Diwali, the festival of lights, to invite wealth and good luck.

Q: Can a Brass Laxmi Murti be used for worship at home?
Ans: Yes, many people use Brass Laxmi Murtis for daily or occasional worship at home. They are often placed on a small altar or in a sacred space and adorned with flowers, incense, and offerings as part of religious rituals and prayers






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