Kuber  Stand Diya
Kuber  Stand Diya
Kuber  Stand Diya
Kuber  Stand Diya
Kuber  Stand Diya

Kuber Stand Diya

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● Pure 100% Brass Kuber Diya/Oil Lamp
● Spiritual Ambiance of Your Worship Space
● Use for Daily, Festivals and Occasions

The Brass Kuber Diya for Pooja is a sacred and ornate oil lamp handcrafted  from high-quality brass. It features a unique and intricately designed Kuber, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. This diya is specifically crafted for use in religious and spiritual ceremonies, adding a divine touch to your pooja rituals.

The diya is designed for oil and a cotton wick, allowing for the steady and sacred illumination of your worship space. Its elegant design makes it not only a functional item but also a decorative element, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your home.

Whether used for daily prayers, special occasions, or festivals, the Brass Kuber  oil lamp as a timeless symbol of devotion and prosperity, making it an essential part of any pooja setup.


Q:What is the significance of the Kuber on this diya lamp?
Ans:The Kuber motif represents Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth and prosperity in Hinduism. Lighting this diya is believed to invoke blessings for financial abundance and well-being.

Q:How do I fill the Brass Kuber Diya with oil and prepare it for use?
Ans: To use the diya, fill it with a suitable lamp oil and place a cotton wick.






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