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Brass Krishna  Flute Idol
Brass Krishna Playing Flute Statue

Brass Krishna Playing Flute Statue

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● High-quality brass material
● Size: L*B*H - 5cm *5cm *12cm
● Weight: 280gm

Our brass Krishna idol playing the flute while standing is a popular representation of Lord Krishna in Hinduism. Lord Krishna, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism, is often depicted in various forms and postures, and playing the flute is one of his iconic poses. Here's a description of what such an idol might look like:

The idol is made of brass, a common choice for crafting Hindu deities due to its durability and ability to hold intricate details.

Lord Krishna is depicted standing gracefully with a slightly bent leg, often in a relaxed and elegant posture. His body is usually adorned with jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Lord Krishna is holding a flute, which is one of his most recognizable attributes. The flute is often intricately designed and may have decorative elements like peacock feathers attached to it.

Brass Krishna idols playing the flute are not only objects of religious devotion but also pieces of art appreciated for their craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty. They are commonly used for worship, meditation, and as decorative items in homes and temples, symbolizing Lord Krishna's divine and musical attributes.

Q: What is a Brass Krishna Playing Flute Idol?
Ans: A Brass Krishna Playing Flute Idol is a religious and artistic representation of Lord Krishna, a prominent deity in Hinduism. It depicts Lord Krishna playing a flute and is typically made of brass.






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