Brass Dhoop Wooden Handle
Brass dhoop diya
Brass diya with wood handle
Dhoop Wooden Handle

Dhoop Wooden Handle

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● High-Quality Brass with a Wooden Handle
● Designed for Burning Dhoop (incense) or Loban (resin incense)
● Wooden Handle for Comfortable Grip and Safe Handling

A Brass Loban Dhoop Burner with a wooden handle is a traditional incense accessory crafted from high-quality brass and equipped with a wooden handle for easy handling. It is specifically designed to burn dhoop (incense) or loban (resin incense) during religious ceremonies, rituals, or meditation practices. The brass construction ensures durability, and the wooden handle provides a comfortable grip while handling the burner.

These burners often feature intricate designs and patterns, making them not only functional but also decorative pieces. The Loban Dhoop Burner allows for the safe and controlled burning of incense, filling the space with a soothing fragrance that is believed to purify the environment and enhance the spiritual ambiance during worship or meditation.

Q: How do I use a Brass Loban Dhoop Burner with a wooden handle?
Ans: Place a piece of dhoop or loban on the burner's plate, light it, and allow it to smolder. Use the wooden handle for safe handling and placement.





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