pure brass diya
Brass dhoop with long handle
Brass diya with long handle
Dhoop long handle

Dhoop long handle

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● High-quality 100% Brass
● Designed for Burning Dhoop Resin/Incense
● Longer Handle for Safe and Convenient Handling

A Brass Dhoop with a long handle is a traditional incense  accessory crafted from high-quality brass, featuring an elongated handle. It is specifically designed for burning dhoop (incense) during religious ceremonies, rituals, or meditation  practices. The long handle allows for easy and safe handling of the burner while keeping a distance from the burning incense/resin.

These burners often showcase intricate designs and patterns on the brass surface, making them not only functional but also decorative pieces. The Brass Dhoop Long Handle is used to safely burn dhoop, releasing its fragrance and purifying the environment during worship or meditation. The long handle ensures that the user can control and direct the incense smoke without coming into direct contact with it.

Q. Can I use this burner for other types of incense besides dhoop?
Ans: Yes, You can use for other





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