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Antique brass prayer plate set

Ashtamangal Pooja Thali Set

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● Material 100% Brass
● Designed for Pooja Rituals, Daily Worship, and Auspicious Occasions
● Includes Item (Ganti (bell), Diya (lamp), Lota (water vessel), Spoon, and Bowls

The Brass Ashtamangal Pooja Set Thali is a sacred and ornate brass plate designed for performing religious and spiritual rituals. It features intricate Ashtamangal symbols, signifying prosperity and blessings.

Your worship with this meticulously crafted Brass Ashtamangal Pooja Set Thali. It includes essential items like Ganti  (bell), Diya (lamp), Lota (water vessel), spoon, and bowls, designed for sacred rituals and daily worship. This set embodies tradition, spirituality, and devotion, making it an indispensable part of your religious practices. This thali is a crucial component for conducting rituals, ceremonies, and prayers, adding a divine touch to your worship. Its exquisite design and craftsmanship make it not only a functional item but also a decorative piece that enhances the spiritual ambiance of your home or temple. Whether used for daily prayers, special occasions, or festivals, the Brass Ashtamangal Pooja Set Thali holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, making it an essential part of any pooja setup.

    Q: What is included in the Brass Ashtamangal Pooja Set Thali?
    Ans: The set includes essential items for worship: Ganti (bell), Diya (lamp), Lota (water vessel), spoon, and bowls, all designed to enhance your spiritual rituals.





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