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Brass Annapurna Statue

Brass Annapurna Statue

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● High-quality brass material
● Size: L*B*H - 3cm *4cm *6cm
● Weight: 150gm

The term "Brass Annapurna Idol" likely refers to a statue or idol made from brass depicting the goddess Annapurna. Annapurna is a Hindu goddess who is considered the deity of food, nourishment, and abundance. She is often depicted with a bowl of food in her hand, symbolizing her role in providing sustenance to the world.

Brass is a common material used for creating religious idols and sculptures in many cultures, including Hinduism. Brass is favored for its durability, malleability, and attractive golden appearance.

An idol of Annapurna made from brass would typically be used for worship and devotion in Hindu households and temples. Devotees may offer food and prayers to the idol as a way of seeking blessings for nourishment, prosperity, and well-being.

Q: What is a Brass Annapurna Idol?
Ans: A Brass Annapurna Idol is a religious or decorative statue made from brass, depicting the Hindu goddess Annapurna, who is considered the goddess of food and nourishment.

Q: What is the significance of Annapurna in Hinduism?
Ans: Annapurna is revered as the goddess who provides nourishment and sustenance. She symbolizes the importance of food and the act of giving. Her worship is a way to seek her blessings for abundance and prosperity.

Q: Where can I place a Brass Annapurna Idol?
Ans: You can place a Brass Annapurna Idol in your home, particularly in the kitchen or dining area, to seek blessings for a bountiful and nourishing meal. It is also common to find these idols in temples and religious spaces.






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