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Bodhi Dhoop Amber & Oudh

Bodhi Dhoop Amber & Oudh

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● Dhoop 4 Packs (2 Amber + 2 Oudh)
● Premium Amber & Oudh Fragrances
● Bambooless Gili Dhoop

Envelope yourself in the luxurious aromas of Bodhi Premium Dhoop Combo Sticks. This combo pack includes two enticing scents - Amber and Oudh. Experience the rich fragrance of amber and the captivating allure of Oudh in one delightful set. These premium dhoop sticks create an enchanting ambiance that soothes your mind and enhances your meditation practices. Elevate your spiritual journey with the divine aromas of Bodhi Premium Dhoop Combo Sticks.

Q: How many dhoop sticks are included in this combo pack?
Ans: Bodhi Premium Dhoop Combo Sticks [2 Amber + 2 Oudh] includes four premium Dhoop sticks, two of which are Amber-scented and two Oudh-scented, providing a delightful and aromatic experience.

Q: Can I use these dhoop sticks for aromatherapy purposes?
Ans: Yes, these premium dhoop sticks offer alluring scents suitable for aromatherapy, meditation, and creating a tranquil atmosphere.





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