black obsidian angel
black obsidian stone angel
Black Obsidian Angel
Black Obsidian Angel

Black Obsidian Angel

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● Absorbs Negative Energy, Promoting Emotional Well-Being
● Carved from Black Obsidian, A Unique Volcanic Glass
● Enhances Focus and Clarity During Meditation

Black Obsidian Stone Angel  is a figurine carved from a special dark volcanic glass called black obsidian. This angel statue has a deep, shiny black color. People find it attractive for its unique appearance.

Many believe that black obsidian has protective qualities. It's thought to help absorb negative energy and promote emotional healing. Some even use it for meditation to gain clarity and focus.

The Black Obsidian Stone Angel can be a meaningful addition to your space. People like to keep it for its potential positive influence and its decorative value.

Whether you're drawn to its look or its supposed properties, having a Black Obsidian Stone Angel can add a touch of intrigue and positive energy to your surroundings.


Q: Is Black Obsidian safe to handle?
Ans: Yes, Black Obsidian is generally safe to handle. However, it's a sharp material, so take care when handling or cleaning it.

Q: Is the Black Obsidian Stone Angel suitable for gifting?
Ans: Yes, it can make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone who appreciates its aesthetic and potential properties.





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