white sage smudge
white sage smudge sticks
sage smudge stick
California white sage
white sage smudge sticks
White Sage Smudge
White Sage Smudge

White Sage Smudge

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● 100% Natural California Sage
● Burning sage aids in defense against diseases
● Removes negative energy and promotes positivity

Sage (Salvia) comes in over 100 botanical variants worldwide. Depending on the season, your sage bundle may feature short/green or grey-white leaves, with a slight change in aroma based on the harvest season. Embrace this timeless ritual for enhanced well-being!

Burning dried sage leaves is a centuries-old practice known to dispel negativity, boost wisdom, and fortify defense against illnesses. Sage burning is believed to release negative ions, improving air quality and benefiting those with asthma, allergies, and respiratory conditions.

These leaves can bring clarity, harmony, and love into your life and home. Please ensure safe usage. Sage smudging also aids in better sleep and anxiety relief. Beyond dispelling negative energy and enhancing mood and intuition, smudging may sharpen your memory and focus.



Q: What is white sage used for in smudging?
Ans: White sage is used in smudging for its cleansing and purifying properties. It's burned to remove negative energy, promote positivity, and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Q: What is the magic of white sage?
Ans: The magic of white sage lies in its ability to dispel negativity, increase wisdom, and boost defense against diseases. It's believed to release negative ions, improving air quality and benefiting respiratory health. White sage also promotes clarity, harmony, and love while soothing anxiety and enhancing focus. It's a centuries-old practice for overall well-being





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